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I'm an entertainer, musician, and artist from the San Francisco bay area. My love for art and music started at an early age, falling in love with opera, art, performing and theatre around 5 years old. I became a Thespian at 14, working backstage building sets, or acting in shows under the spotlights. My love of the arts continued in college, including going to The American Musical and Dramatic Academy- Los Angeles. After college I devoted the rest of my education and vocation to the Arts. I love to paint, set design, build sculpture, and installation work. I've designed and created  formal, theatrical, and cosplay costumes and props used in live shows. Now I perform various characters at festivals and events, showing off my designs and builds.


Sveet is a circus performer, artist, and activist out of the San Francisco Bay Area. They teach arts by day, and spend their free time performing and creating art. Their specialties are varied and include stilt-walking, sign-lettering, and opera-singing to name a few. They are currently perfecting their flexibility and strength to use on their custom-built Aerial Looking Glass  for shows; and causing community and mayhem with their collective The Degenerate Circus. One day they hope to open their own venue for the arts so anyone can have to opportunity to learn, teach, and show off their craft.

San Francisco Bay Area (& Beyond)
California, USA
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